Horse or Pig

Horse or Pig

  • 1.

    With an adult, choose a large outdoor paved area with a basketball hoop that is clean, safe, and free from traffic.

  • 2.

    Use Chalk ‘n Roll to define your court, with the hoop located at one end. Chalk small areas at different locations in the court from which to shoot. Mark a space where you will keep score.

  • 3.

    Players decide who goes first. First player chooses a location from which to shoot and attempts to get a basket. If the player is successful, the other players must get a basket as well from that location or they are awarded a letter: "P" if you a

  • 4.

    If a player misses a shot, no letter is awarded. The next player gets to choose the location for the shot and attempts a basket. If that player misses, the game continues until one player makes a new shot. Then everyone who follows must take and make the

  • 5.

    Players are out when their letters spell PIG or HORSE. Winner is the last player left.


  • Create masterpieces on the court! Use a Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer, Rainbow Rake, and/or Chalk Tools to embellish the court borders and shooting spots.
  • Play for point values rather than letters.
  • Get creative with your shots! Try a lay-up or use your other hand. Other players must shoot the same way.