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Top Holiday Toys 8+

  1. Crayola Cling Creator

    Cling Creator

    Design your own custom window clings!

    View video and details!

  2. Crayola Thread Wrapper

    Thread Wrapper

    Wrap your gear with custom colour thread!

    View video and details!

  3. Easy Animation Studio

    Easy Animation Studio

    Animate custom videos in seconds!

    View video and details!

  4. Crayon Carver

    Crayon Carver

    Carve words & designs on crayons!

    View video and details! 

  1. Star Wars Millenium Falcon Art Case

    Star Wars Millennium Falcon Art Case

    Perfect art set for the older child and collectible item for any Star Wars enthusiast!

    View details!

  2. Minions Inspiration Art Case

    Minions Inspiration Art Case

    Tools to fuel your imagination!

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  3. Creations Jewelry Box

    Jewelry Box

    Decorate your own stylish jewelry box with all the decorative essentials inside!

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  4. Creations Best Friends Diary

    Best Friends Diary

    Share your inner-most secrets, photos and more with your BFF in this cool diary.

Top Holiday Toys 4+

  1. Color Wonder Light Up Stamper

    Color Wonder Light-Up Stamper

    Magical, Mess Free Stamping! Color Wonder inks are clear but the Mess Free Light-Up Stamper magically knows what colour you’re using!

    View details!

  2. Minions Sketcher Projector

    Minions Sketcher Projector

    Draw, trace, play games, make light shows, or create awesome signs and then project them on your ceiling or walls.

  3. Crayola Multicoloured light board

    Multi-Colour Light Board

    Create cool, colourful designs with Crayola Multi-Colour Light Board and Gel Fx Markers!

  4. Inspiration Art Case

    Inspiration Art Case

    More than 150 pieces to fuel imagination.

  1. disney frozen creativity case

    Disney Frozen Creativity Case

    All-in-one portable art studio with your favourite Disney Frozen characters!

  2. Washable Kids Paint Kit

    Washable Paint Kit

    Crayola Washable Paint is ideal for arts and crafts, posters, and school projects.

  3. Amazing Art Case

    Amazing Art Case

    An amazing collection of Crayola art accessories packed in a cool carrying case. An amazing collection of Crayola art accessories packed in a cool carrying case

  4. Doodle Magic Colour Mat

    Doodle Magic Colour Mat

    Pick your colours, doodle, and then erase to colour again and again!

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 8+

  1. Star Wars Stormtrooper Art Case

    Star Wars Stormtrooper Art Case

    Create wild, brightly coloured designs on clothing and accessories.

  2. Star Wars Darth Vader 64 Count Crayon

    Star Wars Darth Vader 64 Ct Crayons

    Create your own intergalactic works of art with Crayola's limited edition Star Wars 64 count crayons.

  3. Star Wars Stormtrooper 64 Count Crayon

    Star Wars Stormtrooper 64 Ct Crayons

    Create your own intergalactic works of art with Crayola's limited edition Star Wars 64 count crayons

  4. Glitter Markers

    Bright, bold and sparkly! Crayola Glitter Markers add an extra dazzling touch to homemade cards, crafts and colorful art projects.

  1. Crayola Power Lines Washable Markers

    Power Lines Washable Scented Markers

    Thick or thin lines and bold, vibrant colours - Crayola Power Lines Project Markers are primed for performance!

  2. Crayola Ultra-Clean Stamper Markers

    Ultra-Clean Washable Stamper Markers

    Say it in a symbol! Crayola Ultra-Clean Stampers Markers let you add colour and cheer to your art, school projects or documents.

  3. Metallic Markers

    Rich, radiant and shiny! Crayola Metallic Markers add an extra sleek sheen to homemade cards, crafts and colourful art projects.

  4. Crayola Doodle Scents Markers

    Doodle Scents Markers

    Doodle Scents markers are infused with the sweet smells of kids' favourite places like the great outdoors, popular shops and eateries.

Stocking Stuffers for Kids 4+

  1. Pipsqueak markers

    Pip-Squeaks Markers

    Mini washable markers easier for younger kids to hold and use.

  2. pip squeak markers

    Pip-Sqeaks Skinnies Markers

    Mini washable markers with fine line tip for precision detail or fill-in work.

  3. twistables

    Twistables Mini Crayons- Fun Effects!

    Includes metallic, super bright neon and rainbow colours!

  4. Crayola modeling clay

    Modeling Clay, 8 Ct Neon

    Build fun into learning. Triangles, rectangles, squares and balls are easy to make and combine in lots of different ways!

  1. minions colour alive

    Minions Colour Alive

    Crayola Colour Alive Minions combines traditional colouring with virtual interaction.

  2. Palace Pets mini colouring pages

    Princess Palace Pets Mini Colouring Pages

    Portable colouring activity that provides hours of on-the-go fun.

  3. Crayola Frozen Colour & Activity Book

    Disney Frozen Colouring & Activity Pad

    Great for travel in the car. 32-page licensed themed designs, activities and colouring pages.

  4. Minions Googly Eye Colouring Book

    Minions Googly Eye Colouring Pad

    An 18-page colouring book filled with fun Minions themed pages to colour.

Holiday Gifts Made with Love & Little Hands

  1. Gorgeous Holiday Gift Boxes craft

    Gorgeous Holiday Gift Boxes

    Make a one-of-a-kind holiday gift box and fill it with home-made treats, small gifts or other surprises! 

  2. Snowflake Picture Frame craft

    Snowflake Picture Frame

    Place your favourite photo in this hand-made frame for a perfect present.

  3. Kris Kringle Wreath craft

    Kris Kringle Wreath

    Create a beautiful, unique Christmas wreath. Your whole family will enjoy making and displaying these handmade holiday decorations.

  4. Blooming Poinsettia craft

    Blooming Poinsettia

    This perfect poinsettia arrangement stays in brilliant bloom. What a lovely centerpiece to grace a winter holiday table!

  1. 3-D Paper Shape Ornaments craft

    3-D Paper Shape Ornaments

    Create easy ornaments from pairs of paper shapes and bright colors!

  2. Chanukah Menorah Centerpiece craft

    Chanukah Menorah Centerpiece

    Create a dazzling menorah to celebrate the Festival of the Lights. Make unique, colorful candles for your family’s Chanukah decoration.

  3. Kwanzaa Harvest Calabash

    Children are enthusiastic participants in family celebrations. Channel their energy and small-motor skills into making this keepsake calabash.

  4. Merry Christmas Crackers

    Create festive, fun crackers for stocking stuffers, party favors, or to give as gifts to family and friends!

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