How can I receive a copy of the Dream-Makers artwork I once submitted?

Before any artwork was accepted as a part of the DREAM-MAKERS collection, there was a release form signed by an adult. The release form stated that all chosen artwork included in the exhibition became the property of Crayola and part of our permanent Dream-Makers art collection. With this in mind, there are still two options. The first is to copy the image directly from our site. You can search the Gallery of Artists at If you find your artwork, proceed by doing a right click on the image and then a copy/paste into the program of your choice. This type of image will be a low-resolution image. Your second option is to request a high-resolution image. There is an on-line form that must be submitted for such consideration. This form can be found at Please be certain to view the terms & conditions, which can be found at the bottom of the Partner Image Request Form or at It is very important to determine exactly how the image will be used before deciding to submit your request.