Do you offer helpful tips for using the Glow Station?

1. Before using, remove the entire protective plastic film (not just the sticker) from the Glow Station canvas. The sticker is located on the clear film and will be removed when the entire plastic film is removed. It may be easier to remove the clear plastic film by starting at the bottom corner of the canvas. 2. Only the light wand should be used on the Glow Station canvas. Some versions of the Glow Station include a dry erase marker for use on an acetate sheet. Do not use the dry erase marker directly on the canvas as it may stain. If the marker is used on the canvas, wash off immediately with a damp cloth. 3. For best results, use the Glow Station in a dark room, holding the light wand close to the canvas. Since image brightness will diminish when exposed to light, simply turn on the lights for a few seconds to clear the images from the canvas.