Do you offer helpful hints for using the Sidewalk Paint Sprayer?

We have some tips to help you get the very best results from your Sidewalk Paint Sprayer. Follow the tips below, and if you still have trouble call or email us from our contact us page on!

My Sprayer Keeps Clogging:
  • Shake the paint bottle vigorously for 30 to 60 seconds. You should hear the paint become thinner and more fluid.
  • Squeeze paint ONLY through the small opening in the flip top cap. This helps thin the paint and strain clumps.
  • CLEANUP: Rinse cartridge, air tube, and nozzle to prevent dry clumps that can clog sprayer.
  • If the nozzle is removed for cleaning, be sure to replace and screw on until tight. If nozzle is not on tight, it may result in a thinner stream of paint, not the wide mist-like spray shown on packaging.

Helpful hints on pressurizing your sprayer:

  • Pump handle 15 to 20 times for effective spray.
  • Screw cartridge on snugly to ensure proper pressurization.
  • Align the small arrow on the cartridge with those on the sprayer for a secure fit.
  • IMPORTANT! Before removing the cartridge, hold the trigger and release any residual air.
  • Remember to pressurize fully. If paint drips when spraying, it needs to be pumped up more. Spray should be mist-like and spray evenly.

Spraying Best Practices:

  • Be sure the nozzle is rinsed well with water to ensure that the tiny holes inside the nozzle are clear of paint.
  • Make sure the front orange nozzle is screwed on tight.
  • Spray downward toward the ground to create a continuous spray.
  • Point in the right direction. Cartridge should be facing you. The strap that holds the nozzle onto the sprayer has arrows marking the direction for spraying (facing away from you).
  • De-pressurize fully prior to removing the cartridge by spraying until no air is coming out. Removing without de-pressurising my result in the unit spraying as you unscrew the cartridge. Slowly unscrew the cartridge to release any residual pressure that may be present.