Do you offer helpful hints for using the Sidewalk Paint Marker?

We have some tips to help you get the very best results from your Sidewalk Paint Marker. Follow the tips below, and if you still have trouble call or email us at Contact Us.

Before you start Creating:
  • Remove the shrink-wrap!
  • Unscrew the roller cap and remove the inner seal.
  • Replace the roller cap and turn until it "clicks" - arrow lines up with "open lock" icon.
  • Shake the marker about 15 seconds.
  • Turn marker upside-down, squeeze and roll on sidewalk/driveway until paint flows out easily.
For Best Results:
  • Don’t forget to shake well!
  • Give the sidewalls of the container a small squeeze while attempting to roll the ball to get paint up into the ball chamber.
  • Give more small squeezes, if necessary, to recoat the ball with additional paint.
  • Use only Crayola Sidewalk Paint in the paint marker.
  • Always rinse the roller cap and paint holder under warm water before changing colours or storing.
Need More Colours?
  • Simply refill it with Sidewalk Paint (purchased separately).


  • Screw a Sidewalk Paint bottle directly on the marker.
Storage Tips:
  • Rinse the roller cap and holder under warm water until clean. Air-dry and store.
  • To store leftover paint in the marker:
  • Screw the clean roller cap onto the holder or paint bottle until it "clicks."
  • Turn the cap to line up the arrow with the lock icon.