Do you offer helpful hints for using the Crayon Carver?

We'd like to help get your Crayon Carver working!  We have some troubleshooting tips to share with you.

My Unit worked once or twice, but no longer turns on OR my unit never worked and won’t turn on:

  1. Your batteries should be new and the same brand.
  2. Use a full-size Crayola crayon.  Crayons should be new to fit correctly in the chamber.
  3. Place the adapters on both sides of the crayon (regular size crayons only).
  4. After you pulled the lever and inserted the (regular size) crayon with the 2 adapters into the matching grooves, is the lever all the way right or left? It should be somewhere in between.
  5. The ON/OFF switch should be at the “on” (1) position.
  6. Close the clear lid and the carving tip position on top of the crayon in between the clear lid slot.


My unit does not carve crayons:

  1. The unit should be turned “on” to position 1 (versus 0).
  2. Use a full-size Crayola crayon. Crayon should be new to fit correctly in the chamber.
  3. Look at the release lever on the right of the unit.  You pull it to the right to insert the crayon.  Make sure it returns close to the middle of the space; not off to one side or the other.  You should hear a “click” when the crayon is firmly in place.
  4. Try turning your crayon.  It should not move when it is properly inserted.
  5. Close the lid.
  6. Press crayon firmly when carving!  You may have to trace the tile a few times until the carving is clear.

For additional assistance, call us at 1-800-CRAYOLA weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM Eastern Time.