Wood Pallet Sign

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame craft

Create a piece of decorative, personalized wall art with the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer!

  • 1.

    Pick an object to trace. Trace on thick poster board paper and cut out.

    wood pallet
  • 2.

    Use washi tape to create a resist pattern on your wood pallet. Tape your poster board cut out over the taped area.

    wood pallet
  • 3.

    Use the Crayola Air Marker Sprayer and your favourite broad line markers to spray over the wood pallet.

    wood pallet
  • 4.

    When the markers are dry, peel away the paper cut out and the washi tape to reveal your resist.

    wood pallet
  • 5.

    Use Crayola paints to fill in your shape resist. Use the Air Marker Sprayer to create an outline around your shape. Set aside to dry.

    wood pallet
  • 6.

    When dry, use Crayola Glitter Markers to add your own inspirational message, your name and more to customize your sign.

    wood pallet