Wig Out!

Wig Out! craft

Go historic or just plain silly! Transform your look with a colorful wig. You design it and choose the color.

  • 1.

    Today we mousse, gel, spray, and volumize our hair. We tease, blow dry, and curl. It seems like a lot of work until you look through the history of hairstyles. Some of the elaborate "dos" of the past were even more difficult to style.

  • 2.

    An easy way to achieve these old-fashioned dramatic looks was to wear a wig. Think about the advantages---all that work won't be undone after a good night's sleep and you weren't stuck with your own hair color (or no hair at all!).

  • 3.

    Open a roll of cotton. Separate the layers and divide into wig-size sections. Make any kind of wig you want. Here are two possibilities.

  • 4.

    For a female's historic-style wig, twist a section of cotton into eight ringlets. Combine four ringlets and wrap ends together with a chenille stem. Do same at the other end of the chenille stem with the remaining four twists. Rest the stem over the top o

  • 5.

    Drape more cotton over the chenille stem atop your head. Bunch up on both sides to cover the chenille stem. Attach cotton to stem with Crayola® School Glue. Dry.

  • 6.

    Tease and pouf up cotton so you wig doesn't look like you slept in it. For a festive look, blot Crayola Gel Washable Markers on the wig. Diffuse color with water from a spray bottle. Add glamorous highlights with Crayola Glitter Glue. Dry.

  • 7.

    For a male's historic-style wig, join two chenille stems in a circle that fits around the top of your head. Glue one section of cotton around front stem and one around back stem. Crimp together cotton slack to fit into circle. Glue on a cotton ponytail to

  • 8.

    Add realistic color with Crayola Multicultural Washable Markers. For fun colors, use Crayola Gel Washable Markers. Diffuse color with water from a spray bottle. Dry.