What's Underneath? Surprise!

What's Underneath? Surprise! craft

You draw a surprise with a crayon. Your friend finds out what you drew using Color Wonder™ Soft Sticks™. What’s going to "pop" out?

  • 1.

    Will it be a monster, glass of milk, or a kitty cat? Your friends won’t know until they reveal your crayon drawing. Here’s how to have loads of surprising fun with Crayola Color Wonder™ Soft Sticks™!

  • 2.

    Draw a furry rabbit, a ghost, a cloud--anything that’s sweet or scary using a white Crayola Crayon on Color Wonder Paper. Make sure the lines are thick with crayon.

  • 3.

    Ask a friend to use Color Wonder™ Soft Sticks to gently color over the white crayon. See how your secret drawing pops out from the crayon wax! That’s called crayon resist.

  • 4.

    Try other ways to reveal your drawings. Divide the page with lines and use a different Soft Sticks color for each section. Scribble white crayon randomly over the paper, then color over the top with Soft Sticks hues. Or trace over white crayon lines with

  • 5.

    Turn this activity into a game with friends. Each of you draws a picture of something recognizable without letting the others see it. Take turns coloring over a part of the drawing to reveal just a little. Who can figure out what the complete picture looks like?