Valentine's Day Sweetheart Necklace

heart craft step 4

Give someone a piece of your heart this Valentine's Day with a sweetheart necklace made with Crayola Air-Dry Clay and Acrylic Paint.

  • 1.

    Take a ball of Air Dry Clay and roll it out. Try using a rolling pin or full water bottle if you do not have a crafting tool. Roll the ball until flat and desired thickness.

    Sweetheart necklace step 1
  • 2.

    Cut a heart shape out using a cookie cutter or butter knife. Use a smaller heart cookie cutter or knife again to cut a smaller heart out of the first heart.

    Sweetheart Necklace Step 2
  • 3.

    Create a hole at the top of the hearts with a sharp pencil or fasten a jewellery clasp into wet clay, and let the hearts dry over night. Put your hearts together to paint them with Crayola acrylic paint so the colours line up. Let them dry.

    Sweetheart necklace step 3
  • 4.

    Cut two pieces of string and thread one through each hole to make necklaces. Give one necklace to your Valentine and keep the other for yourself!

    heart craft step 4