Valentine's Day Lantern

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame craft

Create a festive mason jar lantern to decorate for Valentine's Day! Make more than one and fill with string lights or Valentine's Day treats!

  • 1.

    To create a resist, start by drawing a heart on a piece of paper and cutting it out. Tape your heart to the outside of the jar.

    Valentines Lantern
  • 2.

    Using a sponge or sponge tip brush, coat the outside of the jar in Crayola Washable Kids Paint. For extra sparkle, use the Glitter or Metallic paints. Set aside to dry.

    Valentines Lantern
  • 3.

    When completely dry, peel away the heart to reveal the resist.

    Valentines Lantern
  • 4.

    To create a frosted effect, roll a piece of parchment paper and place inside your jar. Use your fingers to fit it to the inside of your jar.

    Valentines Lantern
  • 5.

    Fill your jar with battery operated string lights, sweet treats or Valentine's Day messages!

    Valentines Lantern
  • 6.

    Add festive ribbon around the rim of your jar and display!

    Valentines Lantern