Valentine's Day Card Stamping

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame craft

Learn how to make a Valentine’s Day card your sweetheart will know came straight from your heart!

Supplies Needed: Crayola Washable Kids’ Paint, Crayola Paint Brush, Crayola Metallic Markers, Paper Towel Roll, Duct Tape, Head of Romaine Lettuce, Cardstock, Paper Plate

  • 1.

    Cut a paper towel roll in half and bend it to form a heart shape. Secure the heart shape with two pieces of duct tape.

  • 2.

    Cut the end off of a head of romaine lettuce. Save the leaves for a salad, keep the end piece for this craft.

  • 3.

    Fold a piece of cardstock in half to create a blank card.

  • 4.

    For your paper towel heart stamp, pour Crayola Kids’ Paint on a plate and dip the end of the roll into the paint. Press the shape onto the cardstock. Re-dip your stamp before each imprint.

  • 5.

    For the lettuce stamp, take a Crayola Paint Brush and paint the end piece of the Romaine Lettuce using Crayola Kids’ Washable Paint. Press the stamp onto the cardstock.

  • 6.

    Experiment with different colours until you are happy with your design. Let the paint dry.

  • 7.

    Using Crayola Metallic Markers write your Valentine’s Day message on the front and inside of your card.