Uni-Creatures Pencil Bag

Uni-Creatures Pencil Bags

For a one-of-a-kind personalized pencil case use Crayola Fabric Markers and draw your favourite Uni-Creature!

Supplies Needed: Crayola Fine Line Fabric Markers, Crayola Blunt Tip Scissors, Iron-on Fabric Patches, Iron, Ironing Board, Cloth Pencil Case

  • 1.

    Purchase premade iron-on patches at a craft store.

  • 2.

    Draw your favourite Uni-Creature onto a fabric patch using Crayola Fabric Markers.

  • 3.

    Cut out your patch and position it onto a cloth pencil case. (Skip the iron-on patch and create directly on your pencil case if you are confident in your drawing ability.)

  • 4.

    Ask an adult to iron the patch to set the colour and adhere to the fabric surface.