Turkey Windsock

Turkey Windsock Craft

No fowl play in creating this windsock! Learn how to make a windsock that doubles as a DIY Thanksgiving decoration.

Supplies Needed: Crayola Acrylic Paint, Crayola Construction Paper, Crayola No-Run School Glue, Crayola Paint Brush, Crayola Scissors, Hot Glue Gun, Upcycled Tin Can and Ribbon

Caution: This project uses a hot glue gun. Adult assistance required.

  • 1.

    Remove wrapper and clean tin can.

  • 2.

    Paint entire can brown. Dry 1–2 hours and add second coat of paint.

  • 3.

    Paint eyes on front of can. Dry 1–2 hours.

  • 4.

    Cut out construction paper feathers.

  • 5.

    Glue feathers to back of can.

  • 6.

    Cut out long strips of construction paper.

  • 7.

    Glue strips of paper around inside of can.

  • 8.

    Cut out and glue construction paper beak and wattle under eyes. Dry all glue steps for 2 hours.

  • 9.

    To create hanger, cut a piece of ribbon and hot glue ends on 2 sides of can. Let cool.

  • 10.

    Hang to display as a Thanksgiving decoration!