Summer Welcome Window

Summer Welcome Window craft

Welcome summer with colorful decorations. Show fun in the sun, your favorite flowers, or other summery messages-all in your windows!

  • 1.

    Think about all of the fun you have during the summer. Make a list of things you'd like to do and places you'd like to go with your family. Many summer activities take place outside. What do you hope to see during your summer vacation? Maybe you'll be traveling.

  • 2.

    Be sure windows are securely closed and locked before decorating them. Use Crayola® Washable Windows Markers to create a colorful drawing in your window. Show lots of the things you look forward to doing each summer. Include a bright, summer sun and drawings of the places and things that you look forward to the most.

  • 3.

    Change your drawing often as the summer progresses, to show what's coming up next! Just wipe away the drawings with a damp paper towel, dry, and draw again.