Prepare for a Powwow

Prepare for a Powwow craft

You’ll hear the drums and smell the food first! At any Native American powwow, be prepared for the dancers’ stunning colors and a friendly welcome.

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    Today Native peoples throughout North America gather at powwows to celebrate their cultures and traditions as well as to visit, sing, and dance. Originally held as spring events to celebrate the seasonal renewal of life, powwows are always times when people renew old friendships and make new ones. The word powwow comes from the Algonquin language and means gathering.

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    If you’re going to a powwow for the first time, whether as a spectator or a participant, get ready for a very exciting experience. You’ll also be expected to act in ways that respect native traditions. You’ll want to walk along the perimeter of the arena, stand in silence during the Grand Entry, leave front-row seats for dancers and elders, and keep plenty of space around the drums.

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    Crayola® Markers and Multicultural Markers are ideal for capturing the vivid sights of a powwow! You could draw dancers in their splendid, traditional dancing regalia (they are not costumes). Or illustrate the dance circle with drum groups around the edge. Another possibility is to show the Grand Entry when all the dancers parade sun-wise around the circle. Whatever you choose to draw, fill your paper with stunning color.