Pop-Out Tree Leaves

Pop-Out Tree Leaves craft

Design a unique 3-D tree. Decorate different trees to show every season!

  • 1.

    Look at trees. Notice how the large trunk at the bottom splits into thinner branches. All those branches split into smaller and smaller ones also. Look for the letter Y where the branches split. Now you’re ready to create a realistic tree.

  • 2.

    On white paper use Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils to sketch the wooden part of a tree. Start with thick branches. Use lots of Ys to draw smaller and smaller branches. You can easily change your drawing as you go! Cut out your sketch with Crayola Scissors.

  • 3.

    Place your sketch on top of a piece of Crayola Color Explosion paper. Use the color-reveal marker to draw around the tree.

  • 4.

    Every autumn, the leaves on deciduous trees fall off. Each type of tree has unique leaves. Draw lots of your favorite leaf shapes on another piece of Color Explosion Paper. Decorate your leaves with lines or dots if you wish. Cut out the leaves with Crayo

  • 5.

    Use small adhesive foam dots to attach leaves to tree branches. You may even want to place a few leaves on the ground near your tree, depending on the season. The leaves will pop out from your tree. You’ve just created a 3-dimensional relief sculpture!

  • 6.

    Display your eye-popping art for all to see!