Polka Dots on Your Palm

Polka Dots on Your Palm craft

Dots are delightful! Trace your hand and fill it with colorful Color Wonder dots—to look like birds, clowns, jewelry, or anything you can imagine!

  • 1.

    Place your palm on Crayola Color Wonder™ paper with your fingers spread wide. Trace around your hand and fingers with a Color Wonder Soft Stick™.

  • 2.

    Color your handprint any way you want. To make a pheasant, add colorful rings on its neck, a bright blue eye, and a swirling green feather on top. Instead of wings and feathers try drawing big bright polka dots. Add colorful legs and feet. Press harder on the Soft Sticks for brighter colors and lighter for paler colors. Experiment!

  • 3.

    If you wish, tear or cut out your design and add a string to hang it in your room.