Pet Collar Charm

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame craft

Use the Crayola Jewel Maker to create the perfect personalized charm for your favourite furry friend.

  • 1.

    Trace the shape of your Jewel Maker pendant on a piece of colourful card stock.

    pet collar
  • 2.

    Cut out your pendant shape and place inside the pendant.

    pet collar
  • 3.

    Write your pet's name with a Crayola Marker and place the included iConfetti inside.

    pet collar
  • 4.

    Fill up your pot with the Jewel Maker solution by following the instructions on your Jewel Maker kit.

    pet collar
  • 5.

    Shake and pour the solution into your pendant. Be careful not to overflow!

    pet collar
  • 6.

    When completely dry, attach your pendant to a key ring included in your Jewel Maker kit. Then, attach to your furry friend's collar!

    pet collar