Paper-Strip Pumpkin

Paper-Strip Pumpkin craft

Pumpkins are a colorful, traditional fall symbol. Kids create this beautiful seasonal decoration for a Halloween party or to grace your Thanksgiving table.

  • 1.

    Choose a few sheets of construction paper in harvest colors, such as orange, yellow, and brown, or use white paper. Color the paper with Crayola® Twistables™ Crayons, layering different Halloween colors over each other for a rich, multi-layered effect. Use several colors per sheet, and color both sides if you like. Cut most of your paper into long, narrow strips with Crayola® Scissors. Save some whole sheets for stems, leaves, and vines.

  • 2.

    Cut a paper towel tube into thirds. Cover one piece with construction paper or the paper you colored. Glue the paper in place with Crayola School Glue. This will be the central core of your pumpkin.

  • 3.

    Glue five or six paper strips into one end of this central core. Dry slightly before attaching more strips. Continue this process until the entire top of the core is filled evenly with paper strips. Dry thoroughly.

  • 4.

    Gently curl the end of each strip around and down so it can be glued into the bottom of the central core. Each strip bows out, creating a round pumpkin. Glue the strip in place and dry slightly. Complete this step with all of the strips. Add more strips t

  • 5.

    Cut green construction paper, crayon-colored paper, or a paper bag into the size of a large index card. Roll the paper into a cylinder, and insert into the top of the central core for a stem. Glue it in place.

  • 6.

    Cut paper leaves and vines. Arrange in a pleasing way to complete your unique centerpiece.