Ogres & Odors, A Dreadful Dungeon Diorama

Ogres & Odors, A Dreadful Dungeon Diorama craft

Create silly, smelly characters who hang out in a dreadful dungeon!

  • 1.

    Cover a shoebox with construction paper. Use Crayola Silly Scents™ Markers to add fun dungeon designs and scents like Voodoo Vapor and Witch’s Brew. Set the stage for your ogre diorama!

  • 2.

    On file folders, create silly, smelly characters and scary pop-out scenery. You could copy the marker characters, maybe Dragon Drool or Enchanted Forest, or come up with your own weird ogres! Try out different scent combinations.

  • 3.

    Cut out each character, leaving a tab somewhere so you can attach it to your box. Fold the tab. Use Crayola Glue Sticks to attach the pieces inside your diorama. Glue some pictures in the front, some in the middle, and some toward the back for a 3-D effect!