Native American Pendant

Native American Pendant craft

Children naturally tell stories with their art. This activity borrows from the rich cultural history of the Lenni Lenape to help children tell stories with Native American symbols and designs.

  • 1.

    Cut construction paper to make a diamond-shaped pendant.

  • 2.

    Punch a hole in one of your pendant's points. Thread yarn through the hole and secure ends with clear adhesive tape.

  • 3.

    Draw Native American symbols and designs on the pendant. Tell a story or describe yourself or the person for whom you are making the pendant with Crayola Crayons.

  • 4.

    Cover your work area with recycled newspaper. Brush Crayola Watercolors on the pendant. Notice how the crayon resists the paint and the paint color shows only where there isn't any crayon. Air-dry the paint before you wear your pendant.