Minding My Business

Minding My Business craft

Put kids' brains and bodies in motion. Children learn responsibility and independence while flexing their writing and creative thinking skills.

  • 1.

    With your family, think about what kind of business you could start. Be creative! You might walk dogs or take in mail for neighbors. Or, if you're good at a skill, such as the computer or reading to younger kids, offer those services. Think of a fitting name for your business.

  • 2.

    To make your own business cards, cut construction paper into business cards with Crayola® Scissors.

  • 3.

    Design a background and logo on your cards with Crayola Erasable Colored Pencils.

  • 4.

    Write important information on your cards including your name, your business name, and what you do.

  • 5.

    Always ask your parents before you give out your cards, and only give them to people you know.