Mexican Yarn Card

Mexican Yarn Card craft

Follow a folk tradition of the Huichol people of Mexico. This crafty card is a stand-out with yarn and Crayola® Crayons!

  • 1.

    Many countries today include several cultures who share traditions, language, and beliefs. Find out about some of the peoples who live in the Estados Unidos Mexicanos (United Mexican States).

  • 2.

    The Huichol people live in west-central Mexico. They are famous for creating designs with yarn. Called Nearika, this artwork was originally made for religious purposes. Often the yarn represented a legend important to the Huichol people, such as the origin of maize. Now artists also make yarn paintings as folk art. Their motifs include animals, people, and symbols of Huichol history.

  • 3.

    Study authentic yarn paintings by the Huichol people. A special wax holds the yarn on the wood. Your Mexican Yarn Card will look similar to this style of art.

  • 4.

    Fold construction paper in half to make a card. With Crayola Crayons, draw a Huichol-style picture or design on the card. To make the color even more shiny, polish it with a bit of paper towel.

  • 5.

    Use Crayola School Glue to attach a long piece of yarn around the edge of the card. Wrap it around the outside several times to make a border. Dry.

  • 6.

    If you like, glue more yarn along the inside edges of your design. Dry.