Help the Homeless

Help the Homeless craft

Raise awareness in your community about families who are homeless. Your mini-poster can encourage people to make a positive difference in the lives of children and adults.

  • 1.

    Find out about people who are homeless in your community. Talk with local officials or volunteers at services such as soup kitchens. Look up information. Who is most likely to be homeless? Why? Where can families who are homeless go for temporary housing? How do they fix their meals? What barriers do they encounter with medical care and schools?

  • 2.

    Create a mini-poster that raises awareness about some of the challenges that families who are homeless face in your area. Show how leaders, teachers, and volunteers like you can help. On white paper, outline your ideas with Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils. You might create borders, a title, words, and drawings. If you change your mind, just erase!

  • 3.

    Color your poster with Crayola Twistables. With Crayola Markers, add bold accents and headlines. Perhaps someday homelessness will be erased, too, with the commitment you inspire in others.