Goofy Gobbling Turkey

Goofy Gobbling Turkey craft

Gobble! Gobble! This whimsical Tom makes a great addition to your Thanksgiving table or any autumn holiday decoration!

  • 1.

    Use these directions, and your own imagination, to sculpt a Thanksgiving turkey that can be a permanent centerpiece for your family’s fall holidays.

  • 2.

    Scrunch aluminum foil into a round turkey body, long skinny neck, and a little head. Cover your turkey with a thin layer of Crayola Model Magic® modeling compound.

  • 3.

    Give the turkey a tuft of feathers around the base of his neck with a thin band of white Model Magic compound. Use modeling tools such as plastic dinnerware to carve feather texture.

  • 4.

    For legs, roll two small Model Magic ovals. Stick them to the bottom front of the turkey. Roll out two small yellow Model Magic balls and stick them on the legs for feet. Use modeling tools to press in lines of texture. Roll out two sets of three small te

  • 5.

    Make two feathered wings out of large Model Magic ovals. Flatten them slightly. Make slits on one end and the sides. Separate the pieces between each slit and pinch the tips into pointy feather tips. Attach a wing to each side of the body with the feathers pointing frontward.

  • 6.

    For a fanned tail, roll out a large ball and flatten it. Cut off one edge. Roll out two long, skinny pieces of Model Magic. Wrap one piece around the top and sides of the curved part of the tail. Wrap the second piece inside the curve, about halfway down.

  • 7.

    To make the feathers look realistic, start at the middle of the bottom of the circle to make lines halfway through the modeling compound up toward the top of the circle. Repeat all the way around the circle. Use your modeling tools to cut ridges into the

  • 8.

    Pinch together two small triangles for a beak. Place on the turkey’s face. Add eyes. Roll out a long red Model Magic teardrop. Hang it from the beak to make the turkey’s wattle.

  • 9.

    Give your turkey a silly hat! Roll out a small, wide Black Model Magic cylinder. Flatten a small Black ball for the brim. Place the hat on the brim. Add a buckle if you like, although black hats and shoes with buckles were not worn by Pilgrims. Then place

  • 10.

    You could finish your turkey with a Model Magic sign that has a goofy message. Attach the sign to your turkey with a thin Model Magic rope or a short ribbon. Model Magic air-dries to the touch overnight and dries completely in 2 to 3 days.