Father's Day Scratch Card

Fathers Day Scratch Off Card Craft

Make Dad the gift that keeps on giving this Father's Day! Mix washable kids paint with dish soap to create your own scratch card.

Supplies Needed: Crayola Scissors, Crayola Broad Line Markers, Crayola Take Note! Gel Pens, Crayola Washable Paint, Crayola Paint Brush, Cardstock, Packing Tape and Dish Soap

  • 1.

    Take a sheet of cardstock and cut it in half using Crayola Scissors.

  • 2.

    Using Crayola Broad Line Markers write a message to your Dad and draw out the 6 heart shaped scratch-off spots.

  • 3.

    Add designs and embellishments to the scratch-off card using Crayola Take Note! Gel pens. Don’t forget to fill in the scratch-off spots with fun gift ideas like “Free Hug” or “Golf Day”.

  • 4.

    Using the packing tape, cover the entire piece of cardstock in tape.

  • 5.

    Once you’ve got the tape in place, it’s time to make the scratch-off paint! Mix 1 TSP of Crayola washable paint with ½ TSP of dish soap.

  • 6.

    Paint over each heart-shaped scratch off spot with the paint/dish soap mixture. Let the first layer dry and then add additional paint until it is completely covered.

  • 7.

    Once the card is completely dry it’s ready to give to Dad!