Far-Away Friends

Far-Away Friends craft

Keep in touch with far-away friends and relatives. Do crayon drawings together!

  • 1.

    Do you have a relative who lives far away? Or an old friend who moved? Sometimes people never meet each other, but they are still good friends. How? With letters, computers, and e-mail, you can get to know people all over the world. Here's an unusual way to stay in touch.

  • 2.

    Divide a large piece of paper in half with Crayola® Crayons. On one side of the paper, draw your computer or house. Surround it with things you think your friend would like to know about you. How do you spend your day? What do you take to school? Any pets? Favorite activities? Hobbies? Who is in your family? Illustrate information about yourself with pictures and a few words. Cram in as much as you can-but only on your half of the sheet!

  • 3.

    Mail your drawing to your friend so that he or she can study your artwork. Ask your friend to complete the other side of the paper. When it's done, your friend then returns the picture to you. What did you learn about each other?

  • 4.

    Cover your art area with newspaper. With Crayola Washable Watercolors and Watercolor Brushes, apply a watercolor wash to give your drawing a finishing touch. Wet the paper first, or make your brush really wet with water and then dip it in the paint. As yo