Fancy Filters

Fancy Filters craft

Children's eyes light up as they see color move across coffee filters sprayed with water. Create colorful splashes of color--indoors or outside.

  • 1.

    Separate coffee filters. Select several Crayola Washable Marker colors that mix well. Create line and dot patterns across the filters. You can create larger dots if you hold the markers on the filters for several seconds so the filters absorb more color.

  • 2.

    Place the colored filters on white paper. Lightly spray water onto the filters. Both the filters and the white paper become works of art!

  • 3.

    For even more fun, first design filters with white Crayola Twistables or Crayons (you can see the designs if you work on a dark surface). Then add marker colors. When you spray the filter, your crayon wax will resist the marker color and "pop" into sight.