Famous Leader Pop-Ups

Famous Leader Pop-Ups craft

Freedom rings out loud and clear with art that reflects people's struggles and triumphs. Highlight history and give children a creative way to express complicated concepts such as civil rights and democracy.

  • 1.

    Find a picture of a famous leader such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Desmond Tutu, or Winston Churchill.

  • 2.

    Sketch the leader's head and shoulders on construction paper with Crayola® Erasable Colored Pencils.

  • 3.

    Cut out the silhouette using Crayola Scissors. Use a Crayola Glue Stick to glue it on a large piece of construction paper or poster board.

  • 4.

    Draw and cut out hair, eyes, and other facial features. Glue in place.

  • 5.

    Cut several small pieces of light-colored construction paper and fold each in half. Draw more symbols of freedom, such as the country's flag, capitol building, ballots, or statues, with Crayola Metallic Crayons.

  • 6.

    Glue these cards around the leader's silhouette.