Fall Fun Scarecrow

Fall Fun Scarecrow craft

Invite a new face to your fall festivities! Create a Fall Fun Scarecrow using 1 cardboard tube, 2 craft sticks, 3 paper cups, and your favorite Crayola Model Magic colors!

  • 1.

    Ask an adult to help you gather recycled items to create a Fall Fun Scarecrow.

  • 2.

    Use aluminum foil, craft sticks, and any recyclable items you find around the house to make a simple body shape with head, arms and legs. Cardboard tubes work great for the body and paper cups are great for the head and feet.

  • 3.

    Now cover your shape with Crayola Model Magic. Wrap yellow Model Magic around the torso and arms. Wrap blue Model Magic around the legs and over the body to look like shirt and overalls.

  • 4.

    Cover the head cup with beige Model Magic. Flatten two small balls of black Model Magic and press on the face for eyes. Flatten a small piece of black Model Magic. Cut a small triangle and press in place for a nose. Roll a thin "snake" of black Model Magi

  • 5.

    To make a hat cut a circle of recycled cardboard. Tape a ball of foil on top. Cover with earth tone colored Model Magic. Roll a flattened red snake around the hat. To make a kerchief, flatten red Model Magic. Cut into a large triangle. Press in place below the "neck".

  • 6.

    Make gloves by flattening two balls of Model Magic then cut fingers with scissor. Press in place on the ends of the arms. To make straw for around the neck and the gloves, roll orange Model Magic into a flat wide ribbon. Use scissors to "snip snip snip" a

  • 7.

    Add details with extra Model Magic. Let dry for 24 hours.