Crayon Melter Votive

Crayola Crayon Melter Votive Candle Holder

Light up the night with a unique votive! Add sparkly designs on glass with the new Crayola Crayon Melter and Glitter Glue. #CrayolaCIY

Supplies Needed: Crayola Crayon Melter, Glass Votive Jar, Crayola Glitter Glue, Paint Brush, Crayola Crayons, Battery-Operated Tea Light

Please note: adult supervision is required

  • 1.

    Using Crayola Glitter Glue, apply the glue to one side of the glass votive. Using a paint brush, spread the glitter glue to cover the side of the glass votive. Repeat for each side of the glass votive.

  • 2.

    While the glitter glue dries, use the label cutter included with the Crayon Melter to unwrap the crayons you want to use on your glass votive. Break crayons into smaller pieces.

  • 3.

    Load 2-3 crayon pieces into the top of the Crayon Melter unit.

  • 4.

    Plug the Crayon Melter into a power source (adult assistance required). When the red light on the Crayon Melter turns to green, the crayon pieces have melted and the Crayon Melter is ready to use.

  • 5.

    With the glass votive on its side, hold the Crayon Melter unit upright and starting at the base of the glass create colourful flames on each side of the glass votive.

  • 6.

    When the colour begins to run out, add more crayon pieces to the Crayon Melter and wait approximately 1 minute for the new crayons to melt.

  • 7.

    Once you’re finished, insert a battery-operated tea light for a glittery glowing votive.