Color Wonder™ Fingerprint Peacock

Color Wonder™ Fingerprint Peacock craft

Spread your fingers—just like a peacock spreads its beautiful feathers—and watch a bird appear on your Color Wonder™ Paper.

  • 1.

    Have you ever seen a peacock display its tail feathers? Find pictures to see how gorgeous they are. The feathers fan out and have beautiful areas that look like eyes within them. Here’s one way to paint your own Proud Peacock!

  • 2.

    Press your fingertip into a Crayola Color Wonder Fingerpaint color. Make the peacock’s body by putting several fingerprints really close together at the bottom, center of the Color Wonder Paper (the color only shows on this special paper). Each time you change colors, wipe your finger on a paper towel.

  • 3.

    Roll the side of your finger in fingerpaint. Press it on the paper. Make long, colorful tail feathers that fan out from the peacock’s body.

  • 4.

    Add details such as crown feathers and feet with your fingertips. Air-dry before hanging your painting.