Chunky Checkers

Chunky Checkers craft

Check out this clever Model Magic® game that combines crafty handiwork with strategy and reasoning skills.

  • 1.

    Flatten Crayola Model Magic into a large checkerboard-sized square. With a craft stick, divide the board into 8 rows across and 8 columns down.

  • 2.

    Form quarter-size checkers out of red and black Model Magic. Make 16 checkers of each color. Etch an imprint of a king or other figure on each checker using a craft stick or plastic dinnerware. Dry the game overnight.

  • 3.

    Cover the work area with newspaper. Using red and black Crayola Washable Paint and Brushes, alternate the color of each square on the board. If you begin the first row with a black square then start the next row with red and continue alternating. Dry before playing checkers.

  • 4.

    Optional: Make the checker board by using black and red Model Magic, alternating black 32 red and black squares. Seal seams with damp fingers.