Butterfly Bag

Butterfly Bag craft

Ever stop to watch a butterfly? Carry one with you every day on a cheery tote you make yourself. Fill your Butterfly Bag with your treasures.

  • 1.

    If you have an iron-on butterfly patch, decide where on your bag to place it. Place bag on a flat ironing surface. Remove paper backing from decal. Place the iron-on transfer design-side up on fabric (do not remove the clear protective cover sheet). Ask an adult to preheat an iron on cotton with no steam. Apply firm pressure for at least 30 seconds. Cool. Gently remove clear cover sheet.

  • 2.

    Add more butterflies or other pretty designs to your pouch. Choose from one of two ways to decorate it. If you like, draw with the Crayola® Fabric Crayons directly on your bag. To set the color, lay the bag on a safe, flat ironing surface. Make a bed of recycled newspaper. Add a layer of white paper. Lay your Butterfly Bag on the surface. Cover the design with white paper. Go to step 4.

  • 3.

    Another way to use fabric crayons is to experiment and then draw your final design on white paper. Remember, the image will transfer to the fabric in reverse. Color your art. Press hard so the colors will be bright when they are transferred to fabric. Brush away any flecks of crayon. Choose a safe, flat location to iron. Make a bed of recycled newspaper. Cover newspaper with white paper. Place the fabric on the plain paper, face up. Lay your colored design face down on the fabric. Cover with more white paper.

  • 4.

    Ask an adult to set an iron on cotton, with no steam, and preheat it. Place the iron in one spot, press down, then lift and move the iron to another spot. Repeat until the entire design has been set or transferred. Gently lift paper. Cool.