BFF Bracelet

BFF, Best Friends Forever Picture Frame craft

Use the Jewel Maker to create a custom bracelet for you and for your BFF! Customize with beads, pictures and stickers to make a bracelet for you and your friends!

  • 1.

    Place your letter stickers into the base of your Jewel Maker charms and set aside.

  • 2.

    Create the base for your jewels by mixing the Jewel Maker compounds. Mix colours for a custom design or add glitter for a little extra sparkle! Shake it up to combine!

  • 3.

    Pour your Jewel Maker base into the molds and let set for 30 minutes until dry.

  • 4.

    For a personal touch, print and cut a picture of you and your BFF to put inside your charm.

  • 5.

    Fill with the Jewel Maker compound and set aside to dry completely.

  • 6.

    When your charms are dry, string them on the included string and accent with beads!

  • 7.

    Make one for you and one to give to your BFF!