Beautiful Bonnet

Beautiful Bonnet

Top off your unique sense of style with this bright, beautiful bonnet! Blend, twist and swirl your favorite Model Magic® colors to create elegant embellishments and eye-catching details worthy of any couture boutique!

  • 1.

    To create the base of your bonnet or hat, firmly press a small amount of Crayola® Model Magic with your fingers on a hard surface, like a table, to flatten it. You can also flatten Model Magic with a rolling pin or by gently rolling a Crayola Classic Marker over it.

  • 2.

    Turn a paper or plastic bowl upside down, so the rounded side is on top, and mold the flattened Model Magic around it, covering the bowl completely. Add a brim to the hat by pressing more pieces of flattened Model Magic to the base. Model Magic that is fresh from the pack will stick to itself. Dried pieces can be glued together.

  • 3.

    Be creative with your design! Explore mixing colors together, swirling, twisting, draping, folding, or rolling the Model Magic for exciting effects! Form patterns and textures by pressing tools, like a craft stick or fork, into the Model Magic. Embellish your bonnet with details, such as stripes, stars, or bows!

  • 4.

    To create roses, press Model Magic into a thin strip. Loosely roll the strip and pinch together at one end leaving the opposite side open like a flower that has bloomed!

  • 5.

    Allow the bonnet to dry overnight. Carefully remove the bowl supporting its shape after the bonnet has dried completely.