Backyard Putting Range

Backyard Putting Range craft

Time to turn off the TV! Get outside to play golf on an outdoor putting range. Make one for yourself using Crayola Chalk ‘n Roll®, Sidewalk Chalk, and these directions!

  • 1.

    Plan how you want your putting range to look on your driveway or sidewalk. Use your imagination! Please read the directions for using your Crayola Chalk ‘n Roll before you begin.

  • 2.

    First, using Crayola Scissors, cut construction paper into triangles to use for score flags. Write the numbers 25, 50, and 100 on each flag with Crayola Markers. Tape flags to craft sticks and then on cups. You’ll use these numbers to score points.

  • 3.

    Insert three colors into the holes of your Crayola Chalk ‘n Roll. Draw your Hole in One space in the center of your playing area. Using clicks to measure with the Chalk ‘n Roll, make zigzag lines going in and out in a circle. Each line should be about 10 to 15 clicks long. Change chalk colors. Add areas of big squiggly circles to use as targets for your golf balls.

  • 4.

    Use masking tape to attach cups, on their sides, to the asphalt. With plastic golf clubs, you can hit plastic golf balls into the cups to score points. You may even want to draw a scoreboard at the side of your putting range to keep track of players’ poin