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Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

About Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

The Crayola Sidewalk Paint Sprayer gives you a blast of colour as big as the outdoors! Create large areas of colour with just a few pumps. The sprayer is completely kid-powered - no batteries required. Perfect for big outdoor art in any season, the Sidewalk Paint Sprayer works in all four seasons - spray bright bold colour across grass, leaves, dirt, sand and even snow! The sprayer comes with two colours of Crayola Sidewalk Paint and it's easily refillable so kids can keep calm and spray on!

Includes sidewalk paint sprayer, 2 neon sidewalk paint bottles 236ml each, 2 stencil sheets, instruction booklet

Helpful hints on using the Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

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Washable Sidewalk Paint Sprayer

Create bright bold art as big as the outdoors.

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