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Large Crayons, 8 ct.

About Large Crayons, 8 ct.

Crayola Crayons are the classic kids' art tool. Kids will love to use these vividly coloured, durable crayons at home or at school. Amp up school projects and artistic endeavors with high-quality results. Crayola crayons are designed with a focus on true colour, smoothness, and durability.

Crayola's brand of crayons delivers easier colouring and truer colours for hours of creative colouring fun! Crayola Crayon quality standards are based on four criteria: colour quality, performance, packaging and certified non-toxicity.

Large wax crayons deliver long-lasting, durable performance. Brighter, vibrant colours expanding the colour wheel.

Easy for little hands, so they can enjoy drawing at a younger age.
Colours include: Black; Blue; Brown; Green; Orange; Red; Violet; Yellow

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8 ct. Crayola Crayons

Large Crayons, 8 ct.

Large wax crayons deliver long-lasting, durable performance

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