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Boredom Busters

boredom busters 2017

When it's wet & grey outside, ignite colourful creativity inside with these fun colouring pages & crafts!

Colouring Fun - Free Printable Pages!

Boredom Buster Crafts

  1. BFF Picture Frame

    Decorate a wooden frame, add a favorite photo, and give it to your BFF, best friend forever.

  2. Soaring Space Ship craft

    Soaring Spaceship

    Rocking rocketry is possible with versatile Crayola Model Magic® modeling compound. Its glittery surface gives your imagination an extra blast-off.

  3. Faces in Flowers Frame

    Show off your new school photos in a hand-decorated frame.

  4. Ice Carving

    Create your own ice sculpture that won't melt!

  1. Desk Organizer

    Crayola® Crayon desk organizers are the perfect way to add colour to an office. Kids enjoy making hand-crafted accessories and using or giving them as gifts.

  2. Stick Up a Snowman Magnet

    Sculpt a cool snow creature in the warmth of your home! Decorate it with sticks and Crayola Model Magic.

  3. Mitten Weather

    Kids love the first snow of the winter. Celebrate the season's arrival with a colourful mitten drawing. Or keep cool with this idea any time of year.

  4. Sparkling Snowflakes

    Unleash your creativity with a blizzard of snowflakes, great for decorating the classroom or house.