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Amazingly Autumn

This Autumn, Get Creative With Crayola!

What are your favourite things about the arrival of Autumn? Is it the leaves bursting with beautiful colours, family trips to the pumpkin patch, or the crisp, cool mornings perfect for nature walks? Celebrate Autumn with these exciting colouring pages, activities and crafts!

Autumn Colouring Fun - Free Printable Pages!

Fall Activities - Free Printable Pages!

Crafts For Fall Fun!

  1. Corn Husk Harvest Wreath craft

    Corn Husk Harvest Wreath

    Enjoy the satisfaction of creating a beautiful, decorative wreath made from everyday household items – including paper towels!

  2. Paper-Strip Pumpkin craft

    Paper Strip Pumpkins

    Create your own pumpkins using construction paper in your favourite autumn harvest colours.

  3. Fall Fun Scarecrow craft

    Fall Fun Scarecrow

    Create a Fall Fun Scarecrow using a cardboard tube, craft sticks, paper cups and your favourite Model Magic colours.

  4. Sponge-Painted Leafy Tree craft

    Sponge Painted Leafy Tree

    Begin by tracing your hand and create a colourful fall scene with a sponge painted tree that gets to the root of creative inspiration! 

  1. Fall Foliage Fingerpainting

    Spring into fall! Paint pretty fall leaves. Use no-mess Color Wonder™ Fingerpaints to mix the colors of autumn’s changing foliage.

  2. Let in the Leaves

    Bring the fun of fall leaves indoors! Combine colorful Crayola Color Wonder™ leaf prints and Triangular Crayon leaf rubbings to brighten fall days.

  3. Seeds & Peels Collage

    Touch on science and senses with a combined nature/art project that'll be the apple of your kids' eyes. Cook up more tasteful fun by making applesauce.

  4. Changing Seasons

    What could be more colorful than changing seasons? These trees pop out all year long with cascades of curly ribbon!

  1. Fall Welcome Window

    What sights and smells does fall bring to mind? Perhaps falling leaves, pumpkins, and scarecrows? Show the season's colors on a window!

  2. Signs of the Seasons Poems

    Each new season brings exciting and wondrous changes for children to explore. Get back to nature by combining writing and art.

  3. Leaf Dance Painting

    Choreograph your own leaf dance with this lively project that creates the illusion of blowing wind!

  4. Lively Leaf Spraying

    Capture the beauty of leaves and petals in an all-new way! With the Crayola Color Wonder™ Sprayer, create stunning, sprayed-on silhouettes any time of year—and with no mess.