At Crayola, we are all about kids.  Kids inspire us – our work, our products, our offices, and our culture.  Our kid-inspired culture defines who we are and how we act, it helps us create products that kids want and encourages us to think like the kids we delight everyday. 

Rules for Our PlaygroundThat’s why we created the Rules for our Playground.  Crayolians use these rules to guide them as they work and play with each other, our consumers, suppliers, and customers.

Crayolians have a “can-do” spirit.  We work together to create products that help parents and educators raise creatively alive kids.  Crayolians are proud of the products we make and the part we play in the lives of children.  Strong beliefs, innovative ideas, and strategic thinking all contribute to our success. 

Research and Development Building  Walls in cafeteria